What can a Computer Consultant do for me?

There are many types of computer consultants. So how do you know if you have come to the right place?

Most Computer Consultants concentrate on just one area of computer expertise: technical help or computer education. A technician can help you with systems that are not working properly but may not be able or willing to explain to you what is going on. A teacher can help you to learn more but may not be able to understand how to fix what is broken. During the pandemic, many people have discovered that neither their skill set nor their devices are quite up to par. Having someone to help has become even more essential!

A Complete, Personal Computer Consultant!

Computer technician, coach, tour guide, teacher, advisor—as a certified teacher with 45 years of computer experience, I have the unique ability to be all of these things for you! I can advise, troubleshoot, set up and maintain your computer system and other devices. AND I can provide lessons to help you use your devices with more confidence and skill. 

How Can I Help You?

Please click the Service button above to learn more about Computer Lessons, Computer Technical Services, and Advice for Computers and other Devices. Most often, all of these services are part of each visit we have together. And yes, I make house calls! In fact, most of my clients prefer to have their computer sessions in their homes or businesses. If you prefer to come to me, of course you are welcome to bring your laptop.


I have worked with seniors for years and thoroughly enjoy working with them. I find that a personal relationship is so important to help people feel at ease when they are learning a skill that does not come naturally. In addition, working in the familiarity of your own home makes a world of difference. If you are a senior, or if you would like to arrange computer help for your parent or older relative, you can rest assured that we will enjoy each other’s company, and you will learn and feel great about our work together.

PC’s or Macs

Is the world really divided into the PC users and the Mac users? I don’t think so! In fact, several of my clients have both Apple and Windows-based computers. That said, there are certainly differences in working with these two systems. I have helped many of my clients move from one system to the other when it was the best choice for them. I am happy to offer my services to both PC and Mac users and to those who like to “mix it up”!

Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV, Roku, WiFi–help!

These days, it has become almost a necessity to own a cell phone, and it’s a real convenience to have a Roku, smart TV, tablet and more. And to have them all communicate! And WiFi technology has changed immensely. You may find that your network speed is anything but what you need to Zoom, stream and all the other things you need to do. But how to choose what’s best and then get the best product at the best price? I work with every type of smartphone and many other devices. I can help you make these decisions and get everything set up and working the way you want it to.