Aug 292012

Have you had instances when your computer wasn’t working right, but you were not sure why? I worked on a client’s computer today, where the keyboard would only work with select letters (try writing like THAT!). She wondered if it was worn out, being almost three years old. NO! That’s not too old. As it turned out, I was able to fix it by replacing the entire keyboard–a $13 part. While we were at it, I gave it a complete optimization. Now it works like new. Always ask me!

Jul 072012

Do you have a computer question that you need a quick answer for? I’ll be happy to help! Please feel free to comment on any item you see on my website as well. If I can, I’ll answer your question on this page. If you are located in the Greater Portland, Maine area and have issues specific to your computer situation, please use the Contact page to let me know your question. We can arrange a session to get you taken care of.

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