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Through my work with clients I learn new things virtually every day. I have amassed quite a store of tips! If you have questions you would like to ask, please go to my Facebook Page. I love questions, and I’ll be happy to answer you. If your question is one that many people might like an answer to, stay tuned . . . you are likely to find a new video or newsletter topic dedicated to it.

Newsletter, what newsletter?

Terri's Computer Tips and Tricks Newsletter

Yes, I send out a monthly e-newsletter. It is brief, fun and full of useful tips that you can use in your everyday computing life, as well as when you use your phone, TV, tablet or other devices. You can subscribe to my newsletter, and also check out the current and archived copies right here on my website!


Videos and more Videos

Being a visual learner myself, I know that for many people, there is nothing more effective than literally being shown what to do. In that spirit, I have created quite a few videos for your use. You can check them out on my YouTube channel, and also right here on my website.

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