Rates for Personalized Consulting Services

One of the most important elements of my business is to assure that you are getting the most value for your money! What can you expect?

  • Services offered where it is convenient to you:  I will connect with you remotely and share your screen so we can literally be “on the same page” as we work together. This is safe for everyone, and really convenient. I will also make a house call if you prefer.
  • My undivided attention:  When we are together, you are my focus; I will not answer phone calls (except in emergencies) or be distracted by others
  • Full explanations and lessons based on your learning style and pace:  I am not a techie who will “fix” things with no explanation! I want you to feel comfortable and confident so that you can move forward and understand how to use your device, including “fixes” you can do yourself–whether that is a computer, smartphone, tablet, TV or anything else we work on! And lessons need to be based on what you want to learn and the style and pace that helps you to learn best.
  • An expansive range of expertise:  No matter what devices or questions you have, I can probably help! I work with all kinds of computers, printers, wireless networks and devices, smartphones (and dumb phones!), landline phones, TV’s, Roku, Blu Ray or DVD, Apple TV and even fitness bracelets! I also install internet modems and WiFi systems. No need to go to many places for your needs.
  • Helping you to get the best value:  I am “allergic to full price”! I will help you to get the very best value for your money when ordering new devices or equipment or services.
  • Followups as needed:  Once you are my client, I am at your service as your Personal Consultant. Please feel free to call or email with brief questions or concerns during reasonable hours (up to 8:30 in the evening). Calls under 15 minutes are complimentary. If I need to take longer to help, I can invoice you or add the fee to an upcoming appointment if applicable.

Hourly Rates and Travel Fees

Hourly Rates

My hourly rate is reasonable and reflects the value of my services and your budget. When we set up your appointment, I’ll be happy to quote my fee so you will have no surprises. I charge by the hour, for all contact time as well as special research that you ask me to do in my office. This includes face-to-face sessions, remote telephone sessions, work I do for your business or personal needs, and phone consultations for follow-up over 15 minutes.  There is a minimum of a one-hour fee for any session.  I do not answer calls while working with a client; however, I will get back to you as soon as possible and will invoice as agreed upon if I need to make an emergency visit or an extended phone call.

Many of my clients like to schedule regular sessions to keep up with maintenance, troubleshooting and questions that come up. Whether you are interested in a series of ongoing lessons, or an occasional “check-in,” I am happy to accommodate you!

For clients who need to drop off laptop computers to me for extensive troubleshooting (computer not starting, blue or black screens, viral infections) I charge by the hour–however, if I am scanning your computer or running diagnostic tests and procedures, I do not charge for the time when these procedures are running and I am able to do other work or activities.

Travel Fees

During the pandemic, I have become quite expert at using Zoom and sharing screens with my clients. Almost everything can be done remotely. Exceptions would include setting up WiFi systems and transferring files to a new computer. Additionally, some of my clients prefer on-site services, and I am happy to travel to your home so that you can learn in your own environment. During the COVID pandemic, I do require that you are fully vaccinated and boosted if you would like a home visit. My travel fee is about half of my regular hourly fee and will depend on the distance from my office to your home or office.

Gift Certificates

I have often been given as a special gift! If you know someone who would benefit from computer advice, setup, troubleshooting and especially lessons (think Mom and Dad, your best friend, just about anyone) please let me know! Whether it is for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Christmas or Hanukkah, or just because . . . I will create a personalized Gift Certificate in the amount you choose, contact the lucky recipient and make arrangements to meet and work with him or her. Remember, the most difficult person to learn from when it comes to computers is–anyone related to you! Show your true respect and love for your friends and family by giving the gift of not doing it yourself!


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