How is your computer doing?

old computer

How old is your computer? It may not seem old to you–time flies! In general, computers do not tend to wear out–rather, they become obsolete because they can no longer handle the tasks they need to do. If your computer is running extremely slowly, to the point you feel like doing the laundry while waiting for it to turn on or change a web page, you have a problem! Perhaps it just cannot seem to keep up with the software you use or keeps “crashing”. In some cases, it may just need optimization. Perhaps with a little TLC, it will begin to perform the way you need it to.

However, if your computer is over five or six years old, it is probably time for an upgrade. How much time a computer lasts depends on how powerful a machine it was when it was purchased originally. Computers change quickly, and what is just a few years old may be very much out of date compared to what is available today. What you need is the right information to make an intelligent decision!

What about other devices?

In addition (or in some cases, instead of) a computer, many people want or need to have a smart phone or tablet. And to make all these things work well, you need an efficient wifi network, printer and other accessories. And what about your landline phone, your TV and accessories? It can boggle the mind!

I will help you to analyze what you have, and choose new equipment that will work better for your needs. These services might include:

  • A clear explanation of what you now have, including computers, routers, printers, networks, phones, tablets, TV’s, etc. and how it compares to what your choices are for upgrades or new devices.
  • Analysis of your needs and help with shopping online and/or in local stores to choose the equipment that is right for your needs–not too much, but also not too basic, so your new devices will last!
  • Ordering the new equipment for you, and getting the very best price possible, including special discounts.
  • Complete setup of new equipment, including installing software, transferring files from the old computer, backup solutions, connecting the printer, etc.
  • Syncing of mail, contacts, pictures and calendars on your smartphone or tablet and showing you the best apps to download; transferring to a new smartphone if appropriate.
  • Reformatting (erasing) all the data on your old computer so it can be donated or recycled.
  • Teaching you about the new system, and showing you how it works (and making sure it does!)
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