Unless you are under 25, you probably were not born with a computer at your fingertips!

Whether you are a beginning beginner, have used computers for years, or somewhere in between, there are always things you need or want to learn to do better. The most
Okay, now what?important thing for me is to get to know you.
What is your learning style? Do you learn best by watching, or by doing things yourself? Do you need to write down instructions, or will listening help you to remember better? We will make a list of some of the areas you want to explore, and we will proceed at your pace and using your learning style. If you are a beginner, you may need a bit of help understanding just what the possibilities are. Great! We can explore together.

Possible Topics

for Beginners and Intermediate Computer Users:

  • Introduction to the computer, how it works, where to find items, etc.
  • Basic maintenance to keep your equipment working well
  • Using a printer, scanner, and fax
  • Using the internetsecurity checking, finding websites, setting a home page, searching for information, downloading files and/or programs, shopping, banking, and more
  • Using email: sending and receiving email, adding attachments and using simple formatting
  • Transfer or set up contacts, and set up email in Outlook, Windows Live Mail or MacMail
  • Using word processing software (like Word) to create basic documents and creative projects like greeting cards, fliers and more
  • Using spreadsheet software (like Excel) to create tables and charts, using formulas and lists
  • Using photo software to work with your pictures; downloading from your camera, cropping and editing your photos, and creating fun projects
  • Sharing your photos with web albums, and uploading photos to Facebook and other social sites
  • Proper use of antivirus software and backup solutions to protect you and your data
  • Downloading music and creating playlists to upload to your MP3 player, like an iPod or cell phone
  • Safely using Facebook, Twitter and other things you may have heard about 
  • Tips and tricks to make all your computer work faster and more fun

for more advanced users:

  • Using advanced techniques in word processing, such as creating sections for chapters, and working with Tables of Contents, Indexes and Footnotes
  • Creating databases and using merge fields to create customized emails, letters, labels and directories
  • Creating newsletters, brochures, fliers and presentations
  • Using budget software to keep track of your income and expenses, and/or do your own taxes
  • Using spreadsheets to create graphs, importing and exporting
  • Syncing (synchronizing) your computer, tablet and smart phone

for small businesses and non-profits:

  • Training staff on using shared folders and printers
  • Choosing and using special software:  business accounting, patient or client software, etc.
  • Working with Churches:  I have special expertise in church database software
  • All the items above can be offered to small groups of employees to bring everyone up to speed

These are just a few of the possibilities! If you don’t see your wish on this list, we’ll add it in!

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