Get it Working, Keep it Working!

You go to the doctor to stay healthy, and also when something goes wrong. It’s no different with your computer system! Very few people feel comfortable fixing everything on their computer and other equipment. But with a few simple steps, I can show you how to maintain computer health. And when you need help I will be there to make it right.

Computer optimization means making your computer and other equipment work the very best they can. Can I make your five year old computer run like a brand new one? NO! But, I can make it run better, and do what it was designed to do. Some of the items included in this area might be:

  • Removing unneeded software and files from the computer(s)
  • Removing programs from the startup file, so that the computer(s) start faster and run more efficiently
  • Performing maintenance functions to help computer(s) to run better
  • Setting up your other devices:  smartphones, tablets, etc. so that they connect to the internet and your email, and synchronize with your computer
  • Setting up maintenance functions on automatic schedules to save you time
  • Helping create folders, clean up the desktop and organize files
  • Setting up and securing wireless systems so that all computer users can use the printer and other equipment
  • Troubleshooting issues you might be having with your system, including popup boxes, error messages, blue screens, systems not starting, or hardware issues
  • Communicating directly with manufacturers for you if necessary
  • Getting you the best deal possible on products that will help make your systems work better




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