Do you want to create a website, but don’t have a load of cash to do it with? I would be happy to help! I am not a professional web designer. BUT . . . I am quite experienced in using WordPress and other popular editors to create beautiful and functional websites for myself (hope you think so!) and for my clients. You may be an individual who wants a site for yourself, or a volunteer who needs to create or work on a site for your group. You may be a small business who needs a website for a health practice, service, online shopping or downloading of digital materials. Or, you may be a non-profit organization who needs a website to be seen in the community. Whether you already have a website that you hate or need to create one from scratch, please call on me!


What I CAN DO:

  • Help you create a domain name and a web-hosting account if you don’t have them already (what are those? let me teach you!)
  • If you already have these but aren’t happy, I can help you change or move them
  • Install Worweb buildingdpress and teach you all the basics of how it works so you will feel comfortable (using a site that doesn’t use WordPress and have no choice? No problem–I’ll help you learn that better, too)
  • Help you to plan your website by showing you other, similar sites that have features you will love OR hate–just as important!
  • Help you choose the right theme for your website and customize it according to your needs
  • Teach you how to create pages and web blog posts if you want them; create menus that work for you
  • Teach you how to find clipart and edit photos to fit your site, and also how to upload all kinds of media to make it more interesting
  • Help you find plugins that will make your website “sing” and perform the way you want and need it to; including regular backups!
  • Teach you how to keep your site updated with new content, and maximize the SEO (search engine optimization) so people will find you
  • Give you advice on what you might want to add to your site to make it “you” and set it apart from other sites


  • I am not a professional web designer, so I will not create a custom theme for you from scratch; rather, I will help you use free or premium themes and customize them to your needs
  • I will not charge you thousands and thousands of dollars to create and update your site for you
  • I will not enter all your content and keep it current–that’s YOUR job! This means you will not be paying a monthly fee, and you will not be waiting for me to put in content on my schedule

What will it cost?

The cost of helping with your website will depend on YOU. I will bill at my regular, low rate ($40 per hour) for the time I spend with you and also the time I work on your website in my office. If you want to be quite independent in creating your site–say, learning how the program works and then moving forward on your own–you may spend as little as $200-300 in my fees to have a great site up and running. If you have a more complex site (say, a shopping site with eCommerce features) or would feel more comfortable having more hands-on guidance, getting the site ready will cost more–say, $400-$1500 in fees. I’ll be happy to provide an estimate based on a discussion with you of what you need. Regardless, you will always have control over how much of my time you choose to use. Everyone has their own needs and comfort levels.

After the site is up and running, you may feel comfortable doing all the updating of content by yourself. Or, if you like, feel free to send content to me or ask me to make changes for you. These will be charged on a per-hour basis as well. You may use a combination of techniques:  update content yourself, but call on me when you are short on time or unsure how to do something new.

I am looking forward to working with you to make your website just what you want it to be!

Are you a non-profit organization? Please ask about non-profit rates that will make it very affordable to create or improve your website.
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