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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Terri Grover is a wiz at all things PC. Her because of her web site skills are married to smart awareness of how other things support one’s marketing. She is very proficient at Word Press. She will ask you good questions, and help you design your site. She is good at the color part, the design look, and setting things up for you. She does not do the writing for you, but she does the key word work and will look at your profile on linked in and other places to see that things match up. She is located here in Portland. She is also working with people not in Portland and can Skype or just talk on the phone. She uses time well. She charges by the hour and makes/keeps appointments as scheduled. So know that if you and she decide on a plan for action, you will know the cost and be in control of how much you spend. Sandra
  • I called on Terri when I was unable to get my router, printer and server all working together properly. She corrected the problem quickly and also recommended a better router for me to use. I should have called her right from the start! It would have saved me time and money. I highly recommend Terri. She can help set you up quickly and avoid a lot of headaches. Not…more! Emily Brackett, Owner, Visible Logic
  • So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of Terri’s service? Almost anyone who is not in IT needs help from time to time, and Terri seems to have all the answers. She helped me with software issues, questions about security, helped me with a plan for doing regular “housekeeping” and computer clean-up and maintenance, and gave me a tutorial on Windows 7 and some tips for using Microsoft Word. I keep a file on my desktop where I record questions as they come up, and when I have a long enough list, I ask Terri for an hour or two of consultation. It’s on my time, answering my questions, when I need the help. Perfect! (Reasonable rates, too.) Sonia
  • Terri has fixed a communication issue between computer and printer twice and shopped online with me for my new computer. During both sessions, she s given me many tips, educated me about products she recommends, warned me against ones she doesn t like, and shared some money-saving sites for more than just computer-related products. She definitely knows computers and can quickly navigate online to solve problems. She s on time and extremely fair in pricing her services. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation. Sarah
  • Terri, Has helped me with organization, efficiency and adding a wireless system. I have a MACBOOK. I feel it is important for others to know she works with me as well as all the OTHERS! Sally
  • Gets the job done! Ann
  • Terri has been invaluable in helping to fix a number of computer issues — explaining what she was doing along the way so I always felt “in the loop.” When I had computer difficulties I knew I could (and will continue to) reach out to Terri. She always comes through and goes beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Terri! Mark
  • Terri quickly set up our replacement PC, installed the necessary software and backup to get us up and running again. She’s a pleasure to work with and takes the time to listen before making any recommendations. Jim
  • Terri has been a “computer coach” for my 80+ year old mother for several months, and I can’t rave enough about how much she has helped my mother. She assessed the existing (and VERY old) computer system my mom had, recommended an inexpensive yet high quality replacement system, and purchased and set up the new system. Teri has been giving my mom weekly “computer coaching” sessions. My mom has gone from being an infrequent and frustrated computer user, to being someone who is exited and tremendously more confident in using her computer (and Facebook and Skype!) Teri has not only IT skills, but also patience, empathy and a joy in working with seniors. Sue